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Texas poses some of the most unique CNA opportunities in the US. There are huge urban areas such as the Dallas Metroplex – Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and Richardson. Texas CNAs make far above national salary average. Texas also hosts some of the greatest quality training programs anywhere. If you have been searching online for CNA certification programs then I am sure you have come across a Texas CNA based one. You most likely found some Texas CNA Training and competency testing programs. We will have some of those listed here and more to come.

You should keep a few things in mind when searching for online CNA classes. One such thing is to make sure that the Texas CNA classes and programs you choose are verified by the Department of Aging and Disability Services in Texas. You MUST pass within 3 tries. Remember that. The approving department in Texas is different than others such as Certification Florida. It also has its own system for registering and certifying.

The NATCE program gets the students ready for work they will perform in different health care sites. The NATCE grads must be able to perform the basic tasks like assisting clients or checking the client’s health condition by measuring all of the hearts vital statistics. As Certified Nursing Assistants, NATCE graduates are required to work under the direction of a qualified RN, LPN, Dr. or LVN.

CNA Certification Texas

Online CNA Nursing Classes

Texas CNA

Certification Texas Training Programs:

For an individual to apply for exam, one should complete minimum 75 training hours. The training should contain both the class room and clinical skills of patient care. A qualified should be able to perform the basic skills such as monitoring and reporting the health status of patient and helping the patients with their daily activities. A Texas CNA should also have good speaking/learning skills because there is more to the job than just the physical condition of patients. One must also nurture the mental well-being of the patient as well.


Where to find programs for Certification Texas:

Texas CNA Certification classes are usually hosted in community colleges, vocational training schools, American Red Cross and other private facilities etc. Here is a list from the state of TX. Use this for a guide as well.

Please make sure that you have given the proper authorities a background check in addition to fingerprints. These things will come naturally as you progress further but make sure not to forget. You must consider the Nurse Aide Registry as well. In order to be employed in Texas as a CNA you must be registered with them. You will need to make sure that you keep your registry information correct. You need to renew your listing every 24 months and always submit a change of address form when and if you move.

One final thing I want to cover is the university I went to. This is a bit of a personal plug but it is a very good school. Angelo State University is the name. It is now owned by Texas Tech University. Both are exceptional schools cranking out graduates every who GET jobs. If there is any chance you can get there I would recommend it. The city is great. The people are awesome. The nursing is phenomenal. James W

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