4 Factors For CNA Career Outlook

 -CNA Career Outlook-

Being a CNA is like a lot of other careers out in the world. In any career it is important to weigh the future job outlook. As a prospective or current Online CNA Class enrollee you will need to know what the outlook and opportunities are for a CNA in the coming months and years. We will address these issues here in this post.

Financial stability is something everyone seeks. Employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be very stable. There is currently a booming demand for CNAs even though the economy has much to be desired. Decreasing salaries, downsizing, and simply being fired seem to be the norm these days in many once prominent industries. This is definitely not the case with CNA or CNA career outlook. There has been a constant and now ever growing demand for CNAS.

CNA Career OutlookThis should speak to the fact that while many are unable to find work, CNA jobs are in demand and are not slowing down one bit. This should comfort future Nursing students. One should also consider that CNAs are becoming more and more crucial for everyday functioning of all aspects of the healthcare industry. With the addition of new patients comes the demand for CNAs. Patients need human care. This is a simple fact that will never change. This is the underlying force that drives the health care job market.



  • New hospitals and nursing homes being built.
  • Medical health care growth as an industry.
  • Semi-high medical staffing turn over.
  • Elderly population boom.

I also want to provide a brief list of where CNAs are expected to be found in the marketplace. Some you will likely know about but a few you may not. It is important to know what types of settings you will be asked to work in before making any final decisions. This list is for both those domestically based in the US and abroad, including Canada.

  • Public and private hospitals
  • All clinics
  • Schools
  • Some offices for health
  • Universities -Retirement homes
  • Private residences
  • Military
  • Various emergency shelters

CNA Career Outlook - The last one that I want to mention is one not on the list. It is one that many students completely overlook. Vocational training courses like the ones we present in this website are always needing more staff, experienced trainers, and teachers. There are some who have a desire to be in the health care field but are more inclined to help with the teaching aspect of being a CNA. Most people are better at teaching than they think. The most valuable asset is experience. These opportunities present themselves as a student grows in relationships with their own teachers and technical colleges. You should remember to be aware of this option as it is very stable and can be quite lucrative. For more info please check out this article… CNA Job Outlook.

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CNA Job Outlook and Demand

In this article we will solely address the aspects of the CNA position in terms of CNA job outlook and demand. CNA jobs definitely have a faster than average rate of growth. It’s growth rate is projected to rise above 21% by 2014. This is a huge number and we will continue to break this down into bite size portions, so please keep on reading along.

CNA Job Outlook

The demand for CNA nurses is steadily climbing year after year. It is one of the few strongly growing professions out there and it is showing no signs of slowing down. As I stated in a previous post - Online CNA Nursing Classes –  there are expected to be well over 350,000 new CNA jobs by 2021. I personally expect it to be more like 450,000-500,000 based on certain exponential growth factors, not to mention the obvious rise in senior citizen population who are commonly known as baby boomers.

There is an excellent chance for prospective students across the nation and world to fulfill this huge demand. There really has not been such an excellent opportunity for online CNA nursing class students seeking classes like this before. CNA nurses are the front lines of the other medical professions. CNA’s are the marines of the medical field and are being paid accordingly. Online nursing classes for CNA’s will put you on the fast track to a very promising health care job.

The CNA job outlook is definitely affected by a few factors. One such factor is a high turnover rate. At first glance this would appear to be a negative thing but upon closer inspection we see the opposite.  This is an extremely positive thing. A high number of CNA’s end up taking more classes to achieve and RN or LPN status (this is another post altogether and we will discuss the differences).Here is an excellent article as well .  The majority of these individuals said that CNA nursing training and the job itself was an incredibly invaluable step in their own personal job goals. The experience cannot be quantified. Consider this, in all other nursing positions the ones who began as a CNA maintain much higher pay rates, bonuses, and job security. So essentially the natural transition that a lot  CNA’s undergo makes for a huge advantage for up and coming online CNA nursing students.

CNA Job Outlook

CNA Job Outlook

 CNA Job Outlook – MONEY$$

In 2004 there were over one and a half million nurse assistants in the United States alone. The average salary range hovers right around 25,000 dollars a year. You must never forget the incredible benefits packages that nurses receive  in these medical fields. the value of that alone is hard to calculate. Medical, dental, life, paid sick leave, vacation, BONUSES and many more are included in these packages. Hourly wages will usually range from 10-15 dollars an hour but there are plenty of CNA’s making much more and very, very few making any lower. The demand for CNA nurses is growing so therefore the pay is going up as well.

CNA Job Outlook – Conclusion

All in all you simply cannot find any better opportunity for aspiring Online CNA Nursing Classes students who are willing to put in a little hard work and loyalty anywhere in the world. For more info on any of these topics please contact us via e-mail and we will get back to you with the information you need or requested. We will freely send you any info we have. Feel free to roam around our site and uncover all the hidden gems we have waiting for you! We are dedicated to bringing you best info you can find. James W