About Online CNA

Do you want to make a good impression on the RN or LPN you are working under? The more information that you may have about a condition a patient has the more trust your supervisor will have in you.

In today’s world all kinds of strange and non-traditional medical issues are showing up in our healthcare facilities. We want to help you recognize these cases quickly.

Online CNA Case Summaries is dedicated to helping prospective and current students find out about more information concerning non-traditional cases that you might come across as a CNA.

We started out listing online classes but found it difficult to keep the information up to date. We still wanted to help so we figured we could provide case summaries that will help you diagnose unusual patient complaints. We didn’t want to buy a new website.

We are a small group of current and former nursing students who wish help new students in anyway possible. We are all CNA’s and enjoy helping the RNs and LPNs take care of patients’.

We come across all types of cases that we never heard about in our training. So we want to summarize some of the non-traditional cases. These topics would be great choices for research papers or for additional study.

The topics concentrate on cases that we have come across more frequently. We will continue to add new case summaries to the home page.

If you have questions, need some help or want to discuss a topic, please visit our Reach Out To Us Page and we will respond as soon as we can.