Diet Pills Can Be a Clue to Other Issues

Stressed patient

In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure on everyone. How we look, at, work performance, people want more from us whether it is an employer, spouse, friends, or even our children.

The added pressure often leads to us having to cut some daily chore out of our routine. The obvious choices would be to eliminate and replace those tasks with a quicker solution.

For instance, food. Everyone loves a home-cooked meal. But many people do not have the time each and every day to spend an hour in the kitchen. They do not make it a priority. Especially when food can be purchased on the go and consumed on the way to the next stop in their busy schedule.

We all know that fast food isn’t good for us, and it can lead to health issues and weight gain. This only adds to the society’s pressure of how we look.

While doing research for this article I came across this website Like many of us their children are in all kinds of activities, and this has them running around after work late into the evening. Fast food is on the menu many nights a week. The parents started using the fatburner, Phen 375. Phen 375 is a popular diet pill, and it does have good reviews. But before you go and buy Phen 375, please have a checkup with your doctor.

Diet pills have quite a few side-effects, including but not limited to increasing  blood pressure, anxiety, diarrhea, feeling like you always have to go to the bathroom, they add to sleep disorders, mood swings, anger, and they even can lead to self-harm.

So as a CNA it is important to watch a patient that complains about the pressures of life or their busy schedules. And they seem moody or anxious and have high blood pressure readings to ask about diet pills.

The patient might not think about mentioning them or might want to hide the fact that they take them. Bring this to light might save someone’s life. Diet pills are not that physically harmful, but they can change the mental mood of the patient.  This can be the most damaging side-effect, either to someone else with due to anger or the possibility of them hurting themselves or even suicide.

Nurses and doctors always tend to be aware of the physical issues of the patients and not notice as much how the patient is behaving mentally. As a CNA, you are in a position to stand back and observe.

If someone mentions they are under a lot of life pressures you can ask them about their diet, and if fast food or eating disorders are mentioned always ask about diet pill use. Again, they might not be forthcoming but persistent questions indirectly aimed at over the counter drug use might get them to acknowledge diet pill use.